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Holly is an adorable 2 year old Shepherd/Hound mix. She's very sweet-natured. She's a little shy and timid in new environments and situations, but with a little time and encouragement she does well. She loves treats and is very food-motivated, so the lure of treats really helps her overcome her fears! She'd do best in a home with someone who has some dog experience and will help her with socialization and confidence building. Obedience classes would greatly benefit her and her new person. She wouldn't be a good match for someone with small kids. Holly loves to go for long walks. We walk her in mile long pack walks with other dogs and she loves it.

Holly gets along with most other dogs. She loves playing out in the yard with other dogs. It may take a slow introduction to get her feeling comfortable with a new dog, so if you have a dog we'd ask you to make and appointment to bring your dog to meet Holly to see if they seem like they'd be a good pair.

Holly weighs about 55 lbs and she's been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and tested for heartworms. She grew up in a backyard with her sister and they did not get much attention and were not cared for. A kind neighbor watched out for them and gave them shelter and extra food until she was finally able to get permission to take them. Holly's sister has been adopted, and now we are hoping that someone will adopt Holly soon and give this sweet girl the love and care she deserves!


Abe is a darling Miniature Pinscher and Rat Terrier mix. He's a senior, probably about 12 years old and he weighs 15 lbs. He's a sweet old guy. His foster mom says that Abe is a cuddly love bug! He loves to get all cozy in a dog bed or blanket. He likes belly rubs, and head and butt scratches. He's a good sleeper and likes to sleep in bed. Abe gets along with dogs and cats and lives with both in his foster home. We would like to find him a home with someone who is home quite a bit. He doesn't like to be alone and cries with joy when his foster mom comes home. He also doesn't like to be kenneled. He's working on house training in his foster home. He does well when his foster mom is home but still has accidents when she's gone. He's wearing a belly band to help train him.

Abe was found as an emaciated stray with arthritis that made it difficult for him to walk and keep his balance. He's put on some weight since then, and he's on Tramadol for his arthritis and is doing much better— now he even prances and plays in the yard! The Tramadol is fairly inexpensive. Abe was already neutered, and we gave him a dental. He's been vaccinated, microchipped and tested for heartworms. He does need a home without young kids due to his age and arthritis.

ABE IS IN A FOSTER HOME. Please submit an online adoption application if you would like to meet him.




Socks is one silly and fun-loving kitty! He's very friendly and he's extremely playful and entertaining. He's 11 months old and he's a beautiful black and white tuxedo kitty. Socks gets along very well with other cats.

He has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and tested for FIV and feline leukemia. He's a character and tons of fun!

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