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Pets of the Week


Delilah is an adorable little Beagle. She's 8 years old and weighs 25 lbs. Delilah is a very sweet girl. She's loving and pretty calm. She gets along well with other dogs. She's also not a barker— which is a bit unusual for her breed! Delilah keeps her kennel clean and she may be house trained. She has a grade 3 heart murmur but she doesn't require any meds for it at this time and she has no symptoms. She has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and tested for heartworms. We also gave her a dental.

Delilah was a stray and was found by one of our volunteers. She's a doll!


Bernadette is a sweet and spunky 7 month old Calico kitten with a fluffy coat. She's a beautiful, fun-loving girl with some sass! Bernadette loves to play, especially with her feline friends. She also loves to bask in the sunlight near a window and watch the birds. She loves to be held, petted, and she'll even ride around on your shoulders. And she's a talker.

Bernadette has a sensitive stomach and is on a very strict diet of Science Diet prescription food. She'll need to continue that diet in her new home, at least for the time being and perhaps long term.

Bernadette has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and tested for FIV and feline leukemia. She was originally a newborn at KCK Animal Control along with her litter mates and her mom who was a stray. We transferred the family to our care where they were fostered in a home and then came to our shelter to find forever homes.




Bill is a big handsome Lab/Hound mix with a pretty brindle coat. He's about 6 years old and weighs 74 lbs. He's such a sweetheart! He loves people, loves belly rubs, and he's silly and just a big goofball. At our recent satellite adoption event, Bill lounged on a bench with a volunteer and ate up all the attention he could get! Bill also loves food and is very treat motivated and should train easily. He was a stray and was already neutered and looked healthy and well cared for, but nobody came to claim him. He's pretty strong, but he walks well on a leash and isn't hard to handle. He does jump up on people -- because he's sure they need a hug! -- so he does need some work on not doing that.

Bill likes some dogs but he is a bit choosy. If you have a dog, we'd ask you to make an appointment to bring your dog in to meet Bill to see if they might be a good match.

Bill has been vaccinated, microchipped and tested for heartworms. He's super loving and a real sweetie!

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