Ray of Hope Outreach

The Ray of Hope program focuses on saving and improving the lives of dogs and cats in Kansas City, Kansas. Services include:

• Providing veterinary care for pets at the city shelter

• Affordable veterinary care and pet care education for KCK pet parents

• Community outreach to provide supplies and resources to those in need

• Finding loving homes for KCK’s homeless pets

Saving Lives at KCK Animal Services

In 2009, we embarked upon a venture to partner with Kansas City, KS Animal Services (KCKAS) to save the city shelter’s pets before their time was up. Since its inception, the Ray of Hope program has saved the lives of thousands of pets at KCKAS.

HSGKC’s veterinary staff provides medical exams, spay/neuter services, vaccinations, heartworm and FIV/Feline Leukemia tests, and other medical care for pets at the city shelter.

Dogs and cats who are seriously sick or injured, or need more extensive medical care than the city budget allows, are transferred to HSGKC. We provide the medical care needed and take on those high costs. We then find loving homes for these wonderful and deserving pets.

HSGKC also helps pets at KCKAS get adopted by photographing and promoting their pets on the KCKAS Petfinder page and through our social media.

Ray of Hope Outreach Program

Our newly launched Ray of Hope Outreach provides help for pets in the KCK community. This team goes into the community and provide education, supplies and resources to KCK pet parents.

If you or someone in your KCK neighborhood needs assistance with supplies or other resources, please contact us at outreach@hsgkc.org.

Supplies are always needed! Help our outreach program by purchasing items on our Amazon Wish List and have them sent directly to us.

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Clinic hours by appointment:
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Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 9am to 2pm
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