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Reunion 2017

Ahoy mateys! Cap'n Jeff Redbeard would like t' invite ye t' have fun, eat, drink a barrel o' rum, purr, wag yer tail, say cheese an' win prizes! We'd love t' be seein' ye & yer adopted HSGKC pet at our annual Open House & Reunion Party.  Brin' a toy or gift card fer a scurvy shelter dog or cat an' ye'll receive a free photo o' ye an' yer pet an' family (all furry family members be invited too!). Yo-ho-ho! Never been t' HSGKC? Arrr! Ne'er fear, ye won't be made t' walk th' plank! Come on out fer a tour 'n snacks, nary a scallywag can resist!... more >

Spay and neutercrittersOur low-cost veterinary clinic is open Monday through Saturday for spay/neuter surgeries and clinic services inluding wellness exams, vaccines, testing, flea & heartworm prevention, x-rays and much more. Contact us to make an appointment...more >


In 2017 so far, we've treated 72 cases of parvo virus in sweet pups such as Jemma, pictured above. Life-saving treatment involves hospitalization and I.V. medications. The average cost to treat is $600 and it has hit us hard. Please consider making a donation to help us cover costs and be able to continue treating these pups. Fortunately, parvo is easily prevented with annual vaccines and boosters which we provide in our low-cost clinic. Please make sure your dog is vaccinated and spread the word. We'd also appreciate donations to help us provide vaccinations. Thank you! For more info view the KSHB video report >

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Open Your Home and Your Heart: Become a Foster Parent

foster homes Providing that extra love and care that so many homeless pets require is a wonderful and rewarding contribution towards saving the lives of animals. We need foster homes for kittens & puppies, seniors, pets recovering from injuries, & more >

Volunteer Orientation & Training: Thursday, October 26 and Saturday, November 11

Volunteer OrientationWe have many volunteer opportunities for committed volunteers who are looking to make a difference. Class is from 10:30am to Noon. You must sign-up in advance to attend... more >

Gabriel's Fund: Helping SIck and Injured Homeless Pets

Gabriel's FundHere at HSGKC we believe that every pet's life has value. Whether they come to us young or old, friendly or shy, healthy or sick-- they all deserve our care and a good home. Your donation to Gabriel's Fund helps cover the cost of medical care for severely sick and injured pets such as Aiden, pictured here... more >

Ray of Hope: Saving Lives at the KCK City Shelter

Gabriel's FundOur partnership with KCK Animal Control saves and improves the lives of dogs and cats at the city shelter. Our veterinary staff provides the medical care for pets at the KCKAC shelter. Pets who are seriously sick or injured are transferred to us for more extensive lifesaving care. Every weekend, our volunteers conduct satellite adoption events with KCKAC pets at the PetSmart in Olathe, dramatically increasing the number of adoptions for the city shelter...more >

Charity Care Program: Veterinary Care and Pet Food Bank

Charity Care ProgramHSGKC greatly appreciates the continued support from Banfield Charitable Trust. The funds help support our Charity Care Pet Program, which assists qualifying low-income pet owners with basic veterinary care and provides a Pet Food Bank for people needing assistance feeding their pets... more >

WooftraxHelp HSGKC Every Time You Walk Your Dog or Shop Online!

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Download the Wooftrax app and every time you walk your dog you'll raise money for our shelter. iGive.com and AmazonSmile are two free & easy ways to help us every time you shop online... more >