What makes the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City different from most shelters across the nation is its philosophy and dedication to do whatever it takes to save and improve all treatable and healthy animals.

The Humane Society has created many programs and services to support its belief that all animals deserve a chance. And they’re working! More than 20,000 animals a year benefit from these programs.

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Posted by Humane Society of Greater Kansas City on Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Did you know that animal welfare organizations across the United States receive only 2% of the money given to nonprofits? The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City receives no funding from any state, city, or federal government organizations or from any national animal welfare organizations. Instead, these wonderful pets depend entirely on the generous donations of animal-lovers like you!

Please join us in celebrating our 100 years of serving the animals of Greater Kansas City by donating today so that we can continue to save and improve the lives of the animals for another century.

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