Foster Information

Foster parents provide temporary homes for animals prior to adoption. Providing foster care is a wonderful and personal way to contribute to saving and improving the lives of homeless pets.

Why Do Pets Need Foster Care?

  • Newborn kittens or puppies that need to be bottle-fed, or mothers with nursing babies. Very young kittens or puppies who are weaned but not old enough for adoption also benefit from the care of a foster parent.
  • Feral kittens who need socializing.
  • Dogs with mild to moderate behavioral issues who require some behavior modification and work, such as shy dogs who need socializing, and dogs who need work on manners and training.
  • Some pets need time to recover from an illness or injury before adoption. See below for more info on medical fostering.
  • Short term care for pets who are going to a rescue group.

Medical Foster Care

HSGKC takes in many pets who are sick or injured and would otherwise not have a chance without the care we are able to provide. Many of these pets are brought to us from KCK Animal Services who pick up pets who’ve been hit by a car or have been abandoned and are sick. We provide veterinary care for KCK Animal Service’s dogs and cats, and sick or injured pets are often transferred to us for treatment and adoption.

Medical foster care is urgently needed for pets who have received medical treatment but need time to recover in a home environment before they are ready to be adopted. Broken bones, surgery recovery, upper respiratory infections, and demodex mange are some of the common medical care needs where foster homes can help us save more animals.

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